I stayed with my best friend at his new place in Chicago this May. Some of you reading this may recall a photo I posted from the trip, which was meant to be a teaser in anticipation of a more in-depth report. By comparison to most of my other posts it was a bit of a daunting task, so I’ve procrastinated on the undertaking until now.


The outside of a wicked donut shop. Please correct me if you think I’m mistaken, but I can’t imagine a more clever brand name.


Real talented kid that put this up.

Love the facade of this gallery. Clearly they were closed when we rolled by. Definitely a bit of a let down, but we carried on with our chins up and the wind at our backs.

Due to the detail that went into these pieces and their prominence from the street, this has to be a city-condoned project, otherwise the artists probably would’ve caught a world-class knuckle sannich from Johnny Law. Mid-spray.

Bonus Bob’s Burgers restaurant.

Chapter two coming soon.


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