Menu Design

Did this design for a buddy’s restaurant a few months ago. It was tedious, but a very rewarding project when it was completed, and I’m really happy with how it came out.

original concept sketch

HL Sketch
I was really struggling with the concept for this piece, as I’d never done a menu before. It literally came down to me googling seafood menus at one point. Eventually it came to me though- the restaurant looks down on a marina that is right at the base of the Corpus Christi downtown skyline. I wanted to create a simplified version of the bay’s water swirling below the skyscrapers.


Harrison's_Landing_Blog Post
Getting all the strokes down actually didn’t take too long, but tweaking them so they all appeared smooth and relatively uniform in style took much longer than anticipated. Looking back on it I’m glad I took the amount of time that I did.


Harrison's_Landing_Finalish_Blog Post


The Art of the Article

EWWTY_lime green

Did this just last week for a buddy’s blog. He’s been a major inspiration for me and has taught me how to navigate the nearly impenetrable, and hopelessly tangled mess of the internet. Thanks to him I’m actually starting to get somewhere with this project, so I’m merely doing the socially responsible thing by reciprocating. We’re both just trying to get quality, original content to as many people as are willing to consume it, so our collaboration was inevitable.

Each of us should end every day with confidence that we have expanded our perception of the environment we share. Let’s help each other do just that.