Tunesday: One

5 tracks that stood out

Beautiful work with the sample. This is one of those tracks that’s so deeply layered and nuanced, it’s fruitless to try and dissect it, might as well just let it wash over you. Rustie definitely took his time with this track, every sound is right where it should be.

Illestry pulls together a super hyped up track with 1965. Too dope!

This remix really blew my hair back. Who knew the Beastie Boys could sound so hard? Baht has a few other tracks that might tickle you, check him out.

That second drop’ll getcha! Brace your yourself for 2:05.

Going to leave you off with something on the chill side. Krater shows you how to make a fluid, ambient track hit hard.

Friends show friends
good music.

You dig, you share.


White Oak Canyon

Spent the night out in Shenandoah National Park, VA last month. Peak fall up there and the leaves were out of control!

Music Credit: “Affection” by Saturn

Music Discovery Spotlight: Saturn

Just found this kid today and I am digging on these tracks harder than dugtrio. Such a fluid style that he pulls off by relying much more on his talent for making greasy riffs than the drum machine layers that have been so heavily leaned upon in recent electronic.

Some melancholy lows and uplifting highs come together to make my favorite track I’ve heard in the past couple weeks. Must’ve played it 15 times today already.

I’ve heard this water flow sound before but I never get tired of it, especially when it’s trickling behind and already impressive track.

I’d be a liar if I told you I didn’t click my tongue along to the beat of this song on my drive home.

Everything is Vibrating

Of all the minutia our ears can perceive it’s hard to believe it all breaks down to sound waves pushing the air around. If you have a decent subwoofer (mine is only 8″ in diameter and it was still able to produce what you see in this video), I recommend this little experiment. It’s incredibly entertaining to watch the flame dance and observe how different pitches affect its movement. Music credit: Jacuzzi

Music Discovery Spotlight: Jacuzzi – Mizu EP

What comes to mind when you think of Honolulu? If you didn’t already associate the island with grimey, trappy, silky smooth electronic music that makes a body want to jerk and groove its limbs in sync, then I promise you will after today.

Jacuzzi has plenty of fantastic tracks, but to keep from overwhelming you all, I’ve just included the 5 tracks from his Mizu EP (album art).




Loose Ends

Curtain Call

Bonus: PATH remix of “Curtain Call”

“Crave The Rain” by Slumberjack featuring Keely Jackson AND King Henry Remix

Hard to pick a favorite between the original and the remix, so I had to post both.

Slumberjack consists of two inspired gentlemen of Perth, Australia. First of all, I can’t get over their name and logo, I’d love to buy a Fosters for the person behind it.

The clouds are dark and heavy over Williamsburg today and the original track from the Land of Aus is a perfect accompaniment. Really feeling it.

The remix by King Henry ramps up the tempo and smoothly puts it through a series of transitions to produce a solid, dynamic track. The way he chops up that sample at the end is too sick, so make sure you listen for the whole six minutes, trust me.